Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International helps people affected by natural disasters, war and poverty by assisting them with medical supplies. It is headquartered at Santa Barbara, California and is assisted by number of employees, Board of Directors, International Advisory Board and Investors. There are also scores of volunteers who help accomplish the vision of the Direct Relief International.

Direct Relief International is a non-profit organization which is regularly featured in Forbes. It is also recognized by number of independent evaluators such as Charity Navigator. Direct Relief International also has all the required licenses to assist under privileged people with prescription drugs. This enables them to supply emergency medications and other prescription drugs free of cost to poor people and also to those who are struck by natural catastrophe.

Direct Relief International's assistance is welcomed and appreciated by a number of countries who have received help from this organization at their time of crisis. Direct Relief International also partners with other organizations such as The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD), to enable them procure medicine without any delays.

Direct Relief International is the first organization to be awarded as Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributor (VAWD). This helps the organization to operate wholesale medical distribution. Direct Relief Organization also donates expensive medical equipments to hospitals which are in need of such resources.

This is more so with under developed countries and remote areas where quality medical assistance is still a dream. Other than supplying medicines, providing such equipments helps in providing quality medical assistance to the patients.

Interactive map system helps in tracking the dispatch of medicines. This helps in creating a transparency in the system to assure investors and donors that their money is being put to use for a good cause. They have also donated Telemedicine van's, that helps reach people in remote areas and provide them proper health care.


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