Purpose of Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International has a twofold purpose, that is of supplying medical supplies to poor people and building the health care system to help people in need. Their focus is not only on underprivileged people but also those who suffer by natural disasters such as earthquake, floods, fire and tsunami and so on.

Direct Relief International emergency response in partnership with other local organizations and government helps in providing timely assistance to the needy people. Quality health care to such people is achieved by providing medical supplies and also by supplying other equipment which they might need. They also focus on maternal and child health.

They have carried out a number of projects to improve the health conditions of mothers and the children. They actively participated in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, Direct Relief International also contributes in the preventive measures of HIV/AIDS. As their focus is on preventive measures, Direct Relief International supplied about three million rapid HIV tests in 2010.

They also partner with International Pharmaceutical companies to help reach thousands of people with medical care. The organization also takes special initiatives to respond to health hazards in specific countries or areas. For instance, in some countries, the prevalence of malaria might be high. Direct Relief International supports them with the necessary supplies to bring down its occurrence.

The organization also constructed primary health care clinics especially for the poor and people who do not have any kind of medical insurance. These clinics provide medical care for thousands of people in their community. Thousands of people who cannot afford medicines or doctor's consultation and treatment get benefited by these clinics. They have such clinics in Peru and in Los Angeles, United States. Scores of homeless people are benefited from the treatment and medical attention in such clinics.


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